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Upon scrutinizing as an online pharmacy, we have identified several troubling aspects. The website's design does not meet industry standards, which could potentially erode user trust and overall credibility.


In the modern digital era, the convenience of purchasing medications online has become increasingly prevalent. Recent data highlights a surge in the online sale of prescription drugs, emphasizing the importance of obtaining high-quality and reasonably priced medications. One notable player in this evolving landscape is In this comprehensive evaluation, we will assess across various criteria to determine its suitability as a healthcare provider.

License, a relatively new online pharmacy, was registered on February 15, 2023, indicating limited experience compared to well-established counterparts. The domain registration is set to expire on February 15, 2024, signaling a short-term commitment. However, concerns arise due to the lack of transparency regarding the registrant's contact information. Despite its U.S. registration, the absence of regulatory approvals from U.S. authorities raises caution flags. Dealing with newer and less transparent online pharmacies like should be approached carefully.


Upon examining as an online pharmacy, we have uncovered several concerning aspects. The website's design falls below industry standards, potentially impacting user trust and overall credibility. With a meager rating of 17 out of 100 on ScamAdviser and safety warnings from Trend Micro, questions arise regarding the authenticity and safety of the products offered. Furthermore, the absence of customer reviews on compounds these concerns, leaving potential customers in the dark about the quality of both service and products. In light of these factors, exercising extreme caution when considering is prudent, as it may potentially be a fraudulent online pharmacy.

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The business profile of remains undisclosed, and the lack of an address adds to the obscurity. However, a phone number is provided, offering some means of contact. Regulatory approvals from reputable organizations such as NABP or CIPA, required for legitimate online pharmacies in the U.S. or Canada, are conspicuously absent from's records. The absence of these approvals raises significant doubts about the legitimacy of the platform, as selling over-the-counter drugs without proper authorization violates regulations and suggests potential fraudulent activity. Additionally, the absence of registration with LegitScript further fuels suspicions of fraudulent operations. Prospective customers should exercise extreme caution, as the absence of approvals and reputable database listings strongly suggests that may be involved in illicit activities.

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Silagra From $0.15
Suhagra From $0.1
Nizagara From $0.2
Kamagra From $0.4
Tadacip From $0.66

Customer Support presents concerns regarding its product offerings and pricing strategies. The website prominently features men's health medications, a tactic commonly employed by fraudulent entities to deceive and exploit customers financially. This emphasis on men's health medications casts doubts on the legitimacy and authenticity of the platform. Furthermore, sells medications without requiring a legal prescription, a violation of laws and regulations in certain regions, which could lead to legal consequences. This disregard for prescription requirements further erodes the platform's credibility. While claims to offer a diverse range of medications, including those for allergies and heart diseases, potential customers should approach these claims with caution in light of the aforementioned red flags. It is advisable for potential customers to exercise extreme caution and seek reputable sources for their medical needs.

Discounts attracts customers with competitive pricing and enticing offers, including a complimentary pill with each order. The ordering process is straightforward, allowing customers to select products and quantities. Shipping options encompass Airmail (2-3 weeks) and EMS for expedited delivery. Secure transactions are facilitated through the acceptance of major credit cards. However, potential customers are strongly encouraged to conduct thorough research into's legitimacy and reputation before making any purchases.


The assessment of raises significant concerns about its legitimacy as an online pharmacy. Historical data indicates limited experience and transparency issues. The business profile reveals subpar website design, low ratings on ScamAdviser, and a notable absence of customer reviews. The lack of regulatory approvals and the absence of reputable database listings further suggest potential involvement in fraudulent activities. Emphasizing men's health medications and selling prescription medications without requiring proper documentation cast doubt on its authenticity. While competitive pricing and attractive offers are present, potential customers should exercise extreme caution and explore alternative, reputable sources for their healthcare requirements. In our evaluation, receives only 1 out of 5 stars.

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