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Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


Today we present review about one of the newly founded but mostly visited online pharmacies in this region. According to the previous reviews, it is owned and operated by several pharmaceutical companies.


As one can see from different reviews, the apothecary provides license by request to any interested parties. However, we could not find any information about license or any other authorization documentation on the site. We are going to contact the owners regarding this issue and will inform you later about the results in the next review.


The assortment is divided into groups by drug classes, diseases and manufacturers. There is also a list of drugs in alphabetic order. It is difficult to say that the assortment is very wide; however, almost all goods presented are on stock and can be delivered within a week. For the goods that are not on stock at the time of order, the apothecary provides a special discount.

Price list

We compared prices presented on the described site with the prices of other online apothecaries in the same region and can confidently say that they are neither cheaper nor more expensive. However, the apothecary grants its customers additional benefits, for example, coupon.

Customer Support

The site can boast on timely customer and technical support, user-friendly interface and contemporary design, of which well-established customer support seems to us the most important thing.


Almost every shop offers discounts today, however, discount is really much more than just a discount. By coupon one can purchase 3 medicines free of charge during the calendar year. Besides, the discount system of the drug store is designed to reward its long-time customers, who have been the loyal partners for many years. The more you buy, the bigger is your discount.


Thus, the site has made very positive impression, except lack of information about license.

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