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Hereby we recommend which is distinguished by positive customer comments, proved quality of products, fast delivery, and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to every order.


This is our next review which is about one of the oldest web-based pharmacies. At early stages of its operation the site had only one office and dealt with rather short list of remedies. In some reviews we observe next stages of the site development.


Being in the business for rather long time the site proved its reliability and now it obtains licenses once in two years for the announced medications. This information we presented in our previous review. If the company decides to add some new pharmaceutical products or equipment into the list it will apply for another corresponding license.


These days the company trades almost all range of medications. Additionally, it cooperates with some hospitals to which it also supplies medications. In our future reviews we shall investigate why it is interesting for both parties. The list of drugs is always updated with new generation drugs or generics.

Price list

Prices for almost all pharmaceutical products on the site are loyal and affordable. The site management is focused on the customers’ retention and that is why pricing policy is one of the methods of influence on the customer. The site accepts payments using web-money, bank-card or cash upon delivery by courier.

Customer Support

Like all other online vendors, this site also has its own customer support which operates 24/7. We know that specialists of the Customer support service have special pharmaceutical education, which is essential from the point of view of the site founder. Additionally specialists of the customer support service are trained in terms of technical use of the site. They can be reached by e-mail, chat-window, skype and phone.


The site management developed a special discount program which is rather flexible. The main requirement for a member of the discount program is that the customer has to be registered on the site. In this case, you automatically get a 5% rebate for every online purchase. Later this percentage is changed upward. The maximum figure can be 25%.

In order to attract more customers, the site uses coupon system, which also works for not registered customers and granting them 3% rebate. The point of such coupon system is to make the customer register.


It is rather attractive site in terms of range of products, services delivered and policies aimed at customers attraction.

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