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    • It is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient to perform sexual intercourse. It is one of the most common sexual disorders in men.

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Сialis online Canada

Сialis online Canada
It’s recommended to purchase Сialis directly from the best foreign manufacturers whose products are certified for sales in a demanding foreign market. Today it’s quite popular to purchase Cialis online in Canadian pharmacies.

The Canadian pharmaceutical market is famous for its integrity, so if you need a really high-quality medicine, you can profitably and conveniently purchase Canadian Cialis via Internet.

Cialis is a drug for men to restore and support erectile function. Cialis is an effective medicine, it increases the potency and restores normal sex life, even in severe cases.

The active ingredient of the drug is Tadalafil.

The drug is available in the form of film-coated tablets in different dosages. It can be bought at almost any pharmacy, but there are many low-quality products on the pharmaceutical market, which show bad efficacy in use. This is the reason why many men prefer to order the medicine in Canadian pharmacies online.

Some men feel the effect of the drug in 15-16 minutes. According to instruction, Cialis becomes active in 25-30 minutes after the intake. The effect occurs only after sexual arousal, not otherwise.

The active ingredient of the product is effective during 36 hours. That is why doctors don’t recommend taking it again. According to studies, the half-life of the drug in the normal state of the male body makes 16-18 hours. As for resulting products they are excreted with urine and feces.

Tadalafil is the main active ingredient of Cialis.

It helps to increase the potency and restore men's health, as well as treat prostatic hyperplasia. This remedy acts differently than Sildenafil, which is a component of famous Viagra. You should not combine these elements. Among the auxiliary components: lactose monohydrate, hyprolosis, microcrystalline cellulose and other substances.

Published at 29.06.2019 12:18
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