Anxiety disorder is a constant, unreasonable psychic tension and anxiety not related to what is happening, caused by psychoemotional overload. Anxiety disorder is the most common of the psychiatric disorders.

Anxiety disorder

Published at 27.07.2019 11:46
Published at 27.07.2019 11:46
The term "anxiety disorder" is commonly refers to a fairly broad group of diseases and conditions. It is the main symptom of which is anxiety. It is not simply a reaction to stress, but a psychoemotional disorder, has many certain biological mechanisms. (more…)
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Published at 09.08.2018 07:29
Most often an anxious person becomes irritable, excited, unfocused, suffers from insomnia and quickly gets tired. This kind of state can turn into neurosis very quickly. To get rid of suspiciousness and uneasiness, it's important to understand one thing: the cause of all our worries and alarms is the fear of the future which is felt by all people, without exception, even the most fearless. The
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What is anxiety?

Published at 04.08.2018 06:52
Published at 04.08.2018 06:52
Do you often feel anxiety? Do not worry about it. This is the way it normally is. It is an integral component of the human psyche. It is normally for a living, healthy person, who is able to respond adequately to changes in the external world and/or in one's own organism. A psychologically healthy person necessarily worries, fears and also experiences other negative and positive feelings in order
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Published at 24.07.2018 15:11
Anxiety attack (AA) is a sharp attack of fear, which is characterized by a variety of symptoms, up to the deterioration of the state of health, which develops in the shortest time, sometimes several seconds, and can last up to 2 hours, but often not more than 20 minutes. PA occurs in mentally healthy people during periods of severe stress, constant stress, possible emotional experiences (for
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