The level of the general health is determined depending by the presence and severity of the vital body functions decompensation. In accordance with this, the doctor takes a decision on urgency and necessity of therapeutic measures.

Anxiety disorder

Published at 27.07.2019 11:46
Published at 27.07.2019 11:46
The term "anxiety disorder" is commonly refers to a fairly broad group of diseases and conditions. It is the main symptom of which is anxiety. It is not simply a reaction to stress, but a psychoemotional disorder, has many certain biological mechanisms. (more…)
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Published at 06.05.2019 16:35
Our skin looks beautiful if we eat well, have a healthy lifestyle, move more and treat everything positively, but the skin also requires some care, especially today when we live in the atmosphere of big cities. Stress and many other adverse environmental factors have a negative effect on the skin. (more…)
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Published at 28.04.2019 11:16
The desire to lose weight and get rid of excess fat on the abdomen, on the thighs and on the sides is the reason that makes thousands of people take diet and do exhausting sport exercises. However, it is important to know exactly how the body is struggling with fat reserves, this will not only help to achieve results with minimal effort, but also allow you to maintain a stable weight in the
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What is Maca?

Published at 23.01.2019 08:51
Published at 23.01.2019 08:51
Peruvian maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a very interesting root vegetable from the Crucifle family, a relative of well-known turnips, radishes, mustard and broccoli. Maca root can be used for the treatment of many diseases from depression to oncology. This is a real adaptogen that increases the body's performance, stress resistance and infections due to the effects on the body's endocrine system. (
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Published at 29.12.2018 17:59
Modern pharmacology offers a lot of effective hypotensive remedies, however at systematic reception they promote emergence of undesirable negative effects, one of which is erectile dysfunction. Really many hypertension medicines (and rather effective) negatively influence men's sexual vigor. For example, drugs reducing testosterone amount (anti-androgens) have an extremely negative effect not
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Published at 20.12.2018 05:00
The Weight Watchers movement originated in 1963 in the USA. Today Weight Watchers is an international corporation which has branches in 31 states. If we did not like to eat tight and tasty, then among us there would not be overweight people. If during the slimming process we eat only what we don’t like, there will be no result. Therefore, those who choose fasting products need to eat tasty, often
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Published at 20.12.2018 04:53
Probably, most often these two completely different concepts are compared, and yet they are generally taken for the same thing. Indeed, we really say: “How much do you weigh?”, when, in fact, we mean only the quantitative properties of our body, without really thinking about any other additional interactions that may imply such ambiguous word-formations. Therefore, in order not to be confused
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Published at 20.12.2018 04:33
Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood. It is the main source of energy and the most common type of fat found in the body. They enter the blood in the form of absorbed fat from food (exogenous) or synthesized in the liver from carbohydrates or released into the blood from subcutaneous fat when glucose is exhausted (endogenous). (more…)
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