It is an abbreviation of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, i.e. a virus which damages the immune system. HIV lives and multiplies only in the human body.

Published at 09.09.2018 05:23
Since almost thirty years the whole world is desperately trying to defeat the Syndrome of Acquired Immune Deficiency - since the WHO launched the Global AIDS Program in 1987. The fact that everyone knows about this disease is already a good trend: these days it is not so easy to get infected if you do not do anything wrong. (more…)
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Published at 08.09.2018 20:05
The human immunodeficiency virus causes the development of the disease called HIV infection. This infection can get into the body through the blood, through sexual contact or through the milk of an HIV-positive mother. The virus affects the human’s protective system, resulting in higher susceptibility to other infectious and neoplastic disorders development. This problem develops slowly and
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