Men’s health is the basis not only of the family happiness but also of the welfare of the state and the community. It is very important to know what to do in order not to get weak in the intimate sphere and how to maintain the reproductive ability.

Viagra from Canada

Published at 29.06.2019 12:27
Published at 29.06.2019 12:27
Viagra is the world's most famous drug to increase potency in men. Today you can buy it at almost any pharmacy. But in the pharmaceutical market there are many low-quality products that show very low efficacy in use. So we recommend purchasing this drug directly from the best foreign manufacturers. Usually, their products are certified for sales in a demanding foreign market. In particular, today
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Published at 28.04.2019 11:14
Many people don’t know that urinary tract infections in men are often due by problems with the prostatic gland. The particular tenesmuses and urodynia, blood in urine - these symptoms indicate the urinary tract infection. In average, men come up with this disease four times more often than women. (more…)
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Published at 18.02.2019 16:23
Uncontrolled or non-prescribed use of Levitra can lead to different adverse reactions. Those reactions depend on the age at which a patient begins to take the tablet. Furthermore, patients over 65, taking Levitra for 10-15 years noticed better results and also the absence of side-effects. While all of them have had the heart, kidney or liver disorders. This is not the same for those who begin
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Published at 10.02.2019 11:51
Generics are drugs that have an identical composition with “original” stimulants of potency but differ in more affordable cost. If you see two identical drugs on the pharmacy shelf, but one of them has more unattractive packaging and is cheaper, have no doubts and take it. (more…)
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Published at 10.02.2019 11:48
Perhaps you have never encountered such problems and read this article from simple curiosity. In this case, you are lucky, since impotence is a very common phenomenon. At least 10% of young men regularly experience serious erection problems, and among men over 40, every second knows firsthand what a “flash in the pan” is. (more…)
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