Published at 20.12.2018 04:53
Probably, most often these two completely different concepts are compared, and yet they are generally taken for the same thing. Indeed, we really say: “How much do you weigh?”, when, in fact, we mean only the quantitative properties of our body, without really thinking about any other additional interactions that may imply such ambiguous word-formations. Therefore, in order not to be confused
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Published at 20.12.2018 04:51
Nutritionists have named not the most obvious, but very important reasons why kilos do not go away. Age In early years, the metabolism is faster, and up to 30-35 years the excess fat is burnt off perfectly during physical activity. After 40-45 years, the level of testosterone in the blood begins to decrease (it is produced not only in men but also in women, but in a smaller amount). Namely, it is
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What is my ideal weight?

Published at 20.12.2018 04:49
Published at 20.12.2018 04:49
People who are fond of losing weight often forget about such a factor as that with the same kilos number, people can look quite different. This is because height, body build, the subcutis layer thickness are different for everyone. As well as the physical form is also different! (more…)
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Published at 20.12.2018 04:45
Diet and exercise do not give any results. Why I cannot lose weight? Below are a number of common mistakes that prevent losing weight. Wrong nutrition, which means that eating in the afternoon as well as a heavy dinner contribute to the deposition of excess fat. High-calorie meals are best to be taken for breakfast and lunch, while dinner should be light; also you need to eat no later than 2-3
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Published at 20.12.2018 04:43
Doctors say that fats are not “burnt off”, as is commonly believed, but processed. This means that they do not disappear without a trace, but emit other substances as a result of the reactions inside us. One of the consequences of rapid thin down is the generation of a large amount of fatty acids in the blood plasma. The liver cleanses the blood, and fatty acids go again to the formation of fat,
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Published at 20.12.2018 04:33
Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood. It is the main source of energy and the most common type of fat found in the body. They enter the blood in the form of absorbed fat from food (exogenous) or synthesized in the liver from carbohydrates or released into the blood from subcutaneous fat when glucose is exhausted (endogenous). (more…)
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Published at 14.12.2018 05:57
Cholesterol is necessary for our body, if it was not for this substance, then the cell walls would lose their rigidity and would not be able to keep their shape, which means that the person’s appearance would be, to put it mildly, different - it would be amoebalike. Therefore, in no case its level in the blood should be zero. It ought to be said that no one would succeed, even taking great effort
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Published at 14.12.2018 05:55
Cholesterol is connected with a lot of controversies. According to American researchers cholesterol is harmful and has to be included into the list of prohibited fats. Other scientists divide this substance into harmful and useful, saying that without the latter the body will not be able to function normally. Such useful cholesterol is contained in oily fish, nuts, in vegetable unrefined oils (
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Published at 11.12.2018 11:37
Vldl cholesterol means very low density lipoproteins cholesterol, it’s one of the most aggressive types of cholesterol. At excess it lays on vascular walls in form of plaques which can limit blood circulation through vessels. Besides they make vessels more rigid (atherosclerosis) that considerably increases risk of heart diseases (ischemic disease, heart attack) and stroke. (more…)
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