Surgery is a complex of measures carried out by means of physiological and mechanical impact on the organs and tissues of the body. Surgeries are divided into bloody and bloodless.

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The cost of laser eye surgery can be very different in different clinics even in one city. The vast majority of such surgeries are performed in private centers in large metropolitan areas but this type of services is provided also by state medical institutions. Those have a certain price difference. (more…)
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After a cataract extraction it's necessary to observe the recommendations of the doctor in order to completely restore your eyes: i.e. keep to a certain diet, refuse alcohol, limit physical activities and apply special eye drops. The medicines used at this stage strongly differ from what is prescribed in conservative treatment. Medicamentous impact on cataract is aimed, first of all, at
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Surgical removal of the prostate gland is performed to help patients suffering from prostate cancer. Surgical treatment is most effective at stages 1 and 2 of cancer, until the tumor didn’t spread metastases. Identified at an early stage of prostate carcinoma requires complex care with the use of radio and chemotherapy. (more…)
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