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Published at 30.07.2019 11:14
I read a lot of praise about this pill in the Internet, but apparently everyone has a different situation. In my case, it had very weak effect and didn’t help a lot. But my partner said, that it was okay for her.
Answered in the topic “Tadalis SX”
Published at 30.07.2019 11:13
Tadalis® Sx is a good drug for treating erectile dysfunction in men, as well as for treating lower urinary tract symptoms. It can boast of good tolerance, besides, the cost is not high. It is an alternative in combination therapy and is a very good and convenient way of treatment. The minimum dosage and its effectiveness are the main advantages. The results of the studies showed that more than 80% of men after taking the drug feel increased sexual desire and improved the quality of their sexual life, get rid of fears and anxieties.