Cipla Limited Pharmacy

Cipla Limited is an international pharmaceutical company, founded and based in Mumbai, in India. It was registered as a public limited company in 1935 by Dr. K. A. Hamied. Cipla is an acronym for ‘The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories’, which was the first name of this organization. It transformed into ‘Cipla Limited’ only in 1984. The company’s main goals are developing new formulas and creating high-efficient medicals that would be affordable for everybody.

After the beginning of World War II, India became cut off drug supplies. Cipla started making high-quality chemicals in every factory it owned. They were first to produce ampicillin in India in 1968. The company won international awards in different spheres, from chemical to economical. Through all these years Cipla made a great number of medical breakthroughs. They created drugs for treating AIDS, cancer, asthma, pulmonary diseases etc. Cipla is the first pharmaceutical Indian company approved by the FDA in 1985 after creating its filiation in the USA.

Managed by the son of Ciplas’ founder, Y. Hamied, company created different generic drugs for curing population in the developing world. HIV that is well-spread in African countries is also very difficult to treat. The cost of the treatment at first was about USD 12,000 in a year. Cipla made medicaments 35 times more affordable and decreased the cost of it to a dollar per day. Now, they are helping 15 million people in Africa.

Originally, Cipla specialized in making generic drugs. They were making the main ingredients, which later became brand-name pills. Although they made their knowledge available to use by other companies, they insisted, that the drugs these companies make should stay affordable. In the past 20 years, Cipla was focusing on creating the HIV/AIDS treatment.

Now, this organization works in 60 therapeutic categories and by this time has launched about 1,500 medical products. Part of it is only available in India, but the other part is engaged in international market and has been selling in more than 150 countries. In 2015, 42% part of its total revenue was from Indian pharmacies. Other Cipla branches are situated throughout North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Asia and Pacific region, Latin America.

Cipla produces both drugs for skin care and colds, as well as for depression and cancer. Some of its factories are engaged in designing agrochemicals and animal products. 200 kinds of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) are manufactured by this organization. APIs are biologically active substances in finished medicaments. There are more than 300 foreign companies that are using these ingredients in producing different types of drugs.

Majority of Ciplas’ drugs are prescribed ones, although in 2007 the company produced emergency contraception pills that were available to buy in large dosage without the prescription. It caused disputes, concerning this drug’s safety.

Lately, main company’s efforts are dedicated to future spreading. It is setting up new subsidiaries in Morocco, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, and Malaysia. Cipla is focusing on enlarging the key markets in India, South Africa, and other economies of the world. In next few years company will be investing about £100 million in its branch in the United Kingdom. But they still see their main purpose in making medicine available and affordable for every population category, in spite of the country they are living in or the disease they might be having.

Published at 01/09/2021