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Published at 26.02.2021 15:14
ARI is not so harmless as many believe - they are dangerous due to their numerous complications, which can manifest themselves during many years. It is always necessary to treat a cold of a bacterial nature and the flu, and the sooner the course of therapy starts, the less is the risk of these complications. The generally accepted cold treatment scheme includes two types of medications -
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Published at 26.02.2021 14:50
Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the bronchi which is developed when exposed to allergens entering the body from the surrounding air. Asthmatics have very sensitive respiratory tracts. An attack can happen due to any irritating factor. Most often asthma attacks are caused by house dust mites, pet hairs, plants pollen and spores of mold fungi. Bronchi blood vessels get narrow quickly, a strong
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Published at 24.02.2021 06:29
Desyrel, or trozodone hydrochloride, is an effective antidepressant that also acts as a form of treatment for insomnia. Even though it is very effective when it comes to treating depression and sleep related issues, the drug is not without its side effects. Many of these side effects may or may not occur but in the most common of cases the patients don’t have any side effects or only experience
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Published at 24.02.2021 06:25
In 2010, Xanax was the twelfth most prescribed medicine in the world. This high rate of prescription makes it a drug of interest among government agencies, health institutions, and the public. People should know if it works to improve the life of patients suffering from certain ailments or if it high level of consumption is without merit. (more…)
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