How Masturbation Can Be Beneficial to Health

By Garrett White
Updated 2024-04-01 08:00:21 | Published 2021-01-25 20:24:32
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How Masturbation Can Be Beneficial to Health

Masturbation is a sexual activity during which the person arouses his/her own genitals in order to achieve an orgasm. Of all the sex-related actions someone can do, this is probably the one that has received the greatest degree of condemnation by either the modern society or almost all religions.

However, scientific studies are here to offer us the truth, and since they are based on facts and not opinions or preconceptions, their conclusions are indisputable. So, no matter what you've heard from various non-scientific sources, masturbation is not only harmful but on the contrary it has some health benefits. Here are some of them for men.

1) Protection against prostate cancer

An extensive medical study demonstrated that men who ejaculate five times or more per week have the risk of developing prostate cancer reduced by up to 33%. When intercourse is not an option, masturbation has the exact same effects.

2) Mood improvement and anti-depressant action

During masturbation, just like regular sex, the body releases oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel good. So, the activity is stress relieving helping men change their mood towards the better; it can even have positive effects against the symptoms of depression. However, all these mental effects are valid only if the man doesn’t feel a sense of guilt after masturbation.

3) Strengthening of the immune system

This is a benefit that most people have never even heard about. When a man ejaculates, his body produces cortisol. Even though this hormone is considered to be bad since it increases the feeling of stress, small amounts help the immune system to remain “in good shape” and protect the body from infections more efficiently.

4) Premature ejaculation prevention

The common saying “practice makes perfect“ applies in this case as well. Understanding your body and knowing which stimulation types make you reach an orgasm faster can allow you to become a little more insensitive to them, thus increasing the duration of your sexual performance. Besides, masturbating before intercourse is a well-known method of preventing premature ejaculation.

5) Relieving nasal congestion

The above statement is something that only a few people are aware of. According to scientists, sex and masturbation both reduce the size of swollen blood vessels located in the nose, a condition very common when suffering from a cold, allergic rhinitis or other similar conditions that affect the overall health of the nose.

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