How to stop smoking weed?

Today I will share my story about how I managed to stop smoking weed. I didn’t resort to any special techniques, didn’t go to the doctors. Just decided it was time to quit consuming marijuana.

How I started smoking weed

I started smoking weed in small doses at the rehearsals of our amateur rock band. We gathered for a couple of hours at the weekend, composed music and smoked marijuana for a creative upturn. Then I began to smoke in other places and on weekdays. For the past two years I have been smoking weed daily twice a day.

I bought marijuana at once in a large package so that it would not end suddenly, scored it in a pipette and smoked. I usually smoked one dose in the morning before work, the second after lunch.

I felt constantly high and was so used to it, I was even afraid how to go, for example, on vacation at sea? Should I take it with me or not? And what if custom service detects it? And what if my wife finds the package?

After a while I stopped feeling the buzz. I realized that I need to strengthen the dose. I had ideas to try some stronger drug. But then something clicked in my head, I don’t know what and how, but it came to an understanding that it was necessary to tie it up.

For this, I did three things.

  • First, I stopped going to our musical rehearsals where we smoked. I already knew for a long time, but I didn’t want to admit to myself that I came to the rehearsals not to play music, but to get smoked and just get high.
  • Second, I threw away everything that I had: weeds (almost a whole package, it was so pitiful) and a pipette. As I remember, I threw it in the garbage chute so that it was not possible to go and take it back. At first there was a thought: maybe not to throw it away, but just to hide it? But then I decided that if I hide it, I will definitely take it later. Therefore, it’s better to throw out everything.
  • And third, I erased from the phone the contacts of the marijuana dealer.

When I quit smoking

I quit smoking weeds, but soon there was a feeling of emptiness, something was missing. I wanted to fill something with the absence of this lightness and carelessness. And I started doing breathing exercises.

I close my lips, tighten them, take a full deep breath, hold the air in my lungs, and slowly release it through my lips. In general, it imitates as if I inhaled weeds smoke. And what is interesting, it really had an effect. I was starting feeling high, but without drugs!

The result

That's how I managed to quit smoking weeds. In general, it’s important to change the environment first. That is, stop going where they can offer you to smoke.

Then limit your access to this things: throw out all stocks and erase all phones. And to avoid sad feelings, start doing breathing exercises: a deep slow breath – hold your breath – slow breathe out. It’s possible at this moment to imagine that you are doing puff. Then this desire will go away by itself.

But the most important thing is to decide for yourself: it's time to quit! If there is a firm decision to give up this habit, you will stop smoking weed.

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