How to turn on a man with erectile dysfunction?

Previously, clinical exclusion «impotence» was diagnosed for almost all men who visited doctors with complaints of a decrease in the duration and strength of erection. But long-term medical practice has shown that most of these men have an erection but the strength of erection is not enough for normal sexual intercourse. Therefore, today doctors use the term «erectile dysfunction» and impotence is the extreme extent of this disorder.

Modern medical statistics show that problems with erection for physiological reasons are quite rare. Problems with potency in the overwhelming majority of men (more than 70%) have a psychological basis. The role of women in these cases is crucial because the main cause of such disorders is a man’s diffidence in his abilities. A man’s confidence and uncertainty is more dependent on the woman who is next to him. It can be said that the repair of the male potency is greatly dependent on the woman. A man who has difficulty with erection is too scared, confused and shut-in personality. Therefore, it is difficult for him to solve his psychological problems. Erectile dysfunction is not a tragedy. It can and should be treated but moral support is as important as drugs and consultations by a specialists. Therefore, everything that can aggravate a man’s diffidence in his abilities should be an absolute taboo. A woman should not make any jokes, cutting remarks, showing disappointment or annoyance. The woman's mission is to show that she still loves her man and needs him. A man should feel that he is the head of the family and vagaries of the body will not change this.

Often, one of the causes of erectile dysfunction becomes boredom, monotony of intimate life, passivity and the lack of interest of the favorite female. Some women believe that only the man should provide enchanting sex. In fact, there is nothing more inspiring for a man than a woman who takes the initiative and enjoys sexual intimacy. In this case, a man still maintains the feeling that he is loved and desired even if 9 out of 10 attempts to have sex will end in nothing.

A woman should not take personally a bad mood of a man due to potency problems.

Shouting match is an extra stress that only harms to treatment and brings the mood of both man and woman down. A woman should strengthen emotional intimacy with a man by any means. It is important when a woman shows attentions, often hugs and kisses her partner, touches him. Tactile intimacy for men is no less important than for women.

However, everyone should take into account that there are problems with erection which do not depend on either the man or his partner.

These include certain diseases and various organic disorders such as:

  • diseases of the endocrine system (for example, pancreatic diabetes);
  • insufficient secretion of gonads;
  • low testosterone level;
  • basophilic adenoma and etc.

First of all, it is necessary to carry out the treatment if the cause of erectile dysfunction is physical disease. Sensual life is better to adjust when a man will feel physically healthier.

Published at 12/20/2018

  • Erectile Dysfunction
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    • It is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient to perform sexual intercourse. It is one of the most common sexual disorders in men.

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    • Men’s health is the basis not only of the family happiness but also of the welfare of the state and the community. It is very important to know what to do in order not to get weak in the intimate sphere and how to maintain the reproductive ability.

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