Incredible Health Benefits of Sex

Most people view sex as just an activity carried out for pleasuring each other. What they fail to realize is there are many other benefits that can be brought about by a healthy sexual activity. Healthy sex will leave you not just emotionally or psychologically satisfied but also has the power to go further to give your body vital, healthy benefits that it needs and deserves.

Improves immunity

Studies have shown that people who engage in sex more frequently, at least once or twice per week, tend to have better immune systems than those who don’t. Engaging in sex frequently has the effect of increasing the levels of immunoglobulin A in your body. This is the compound that makes up your first defensive line when defending your body against foreign disease-causing agents. Having frequent healthy sex will hence give you a higher number of immunoglobulin helping to boost your immune system.

Reduces stress levels

Stress has been the cause of lots of fatal conditions such as heart attacks, depressions, etc. Sex is known to trigger the human body to release feel-good compounds that boost your pleasure levels while at the same time helping to relieve stress. Good frequent sex will also increase the ability of an individual to deal with stressful situations more easily.

Lowers blood pressure and the risk of heart attacks

High blood pressure that can be brought about by a variety of reasons can be very dangerous if not dealt with properly. Sex assists in relieving anxiety in an individual thus helping him/her feel more relaxed and pleased. As a result, the heart and the blood vessels can function normally helping to lower the high blood pressure or even to reduce the chances of having hypertension in the first place.

A good sex life helps to regulate your heart rates as well as hormone levels keeping them in check and under balance. This includes hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Imbalance of these hormones can very easily lead to complications such as heart diseases and osteoporosis.

Lowers the risk of getting prostate cancer

Studies also showed that people, especially men, who engaged in sexual intercourse more frequently had significantly reduced their chances of getting prostate cancer compared to those who rarely have intercourse.

Ejaculation and the entire sexual activity together with other factors help keep the prostate region safe from carcinogenic agents.

Reduces pain

Backaches, headaches, and other body pains can very easily discourage one from engaging in sexual activity. But that would be a mistake since sex itself can be used as a cure to reduce or get rid of such pains without even having to take painkillers. Sexual intercourse and orgasms assist the body to release hormones like endorphins that will help take pain from you. These hormones will even go as far as reducing arthritis, migraines, and menstrual cramps.