Low Testosterone: Possible Causes and Tips to Boost the Hormone Naturally

By Paul Koffman
Updated 2024-04-02 07:55:31 | Published 2021-01-12 17:47:39
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Low Testosterone

Testosterone is definitely one of the most popular hormones. And without a doubt it is the most important one in the body of men. Testosterone is responsible for more than a few functions, the most important of which is sexual activity.

There are several symptoms that are directly linked to low testosterone levels. Decreased testosterone can generate the feeling of fatigue, weakness or even depression in men. It greatly reduces the desire for sexual intercourse while it can also cause erectile dysfunction issues. Sudden weight gain has been documented as well.

The impact of low testosterone on a man’s health – both physical and mental – is huge. But what causes this unpleasant condition?

The Urology Care Foundation announced the most common reasons for low testosterone levels, besides aging. They are the following:

High Cholesterol: 40 percent of men suffering from elevated cholesterol levels also have low testosterone.

Diabetes: About half of male diabetes patients suffer from reduced testosterone levels.

Obesity: The percentage is the same as the one of diabetes.

Chronic drug abuse: 75 percent of men who are chronic abusers of narcotic substances have very low testosterone concentration in the body.

Unfortunately, aging cannot be avoided, and there are also some other causes that only little can be done about. However, there are some ways that men can take in order to maintain their testosterone at decent levels. Here are a few simple tips:

– Get enough sleep. There is a direct connection between lack of sleep and a sudden decrease in testosterone. Make sure you rest adequately.

– Quit smoking. It is a very unhealthy habit that also affects testosterone, among other things. Not only it reduces the concentration of the hormone in the body, but it can also cause erectile dysfunction and even diminish the sperm count.

– Work out to reduce your body fat percentage. Accumulated fat, especially the one around the belly, is known to contribute greatly to reduced testosterone. Regular workouts combined with a healthy diet are guaranteed to burn all the extra fat.

The above are some very useful tips but the most important piece of advice that you can get is this: Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed to discuss the issue with a doctor. There are many men that suffer from various types of sexual health issues, including low testosterone, who remain affected by the condition because they feel too shy to talk about their problem even with a medical professional. This type of behavior must be eradicated in order to deal with the problem that prevents us from enjoying a healthy sexual life and more.

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