Scientists Optimistic To Finding Effectual Hepatitis B Prophylaxis

By Danny Dale
Updated 2024-03-31 10:44:12 | Published 2021-01-26 10:27:03
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Hepatitis B Prophylaxis

The race to finding more effective and affordable Hepatitis B Prophylaxis is gathering moment as scientists and researchers look for resources to help them deal with the viral disease once and for all, latest market reports indicate.

It is estimated that people living with the virus exceed 350 million annually and that 1.2 million succumb to death due to liver cancer or liver failure. Further indications are hepatitis B cases are on the rise and are also affecting the younger generations.

For many years’ scientists, researchers, medics and other health professionals have been trying to find a remedy for hepatitis B but are yet to succeed. Hepatitis B which is caused by a virus is difficult to cure and many victims can only manage it since at the moment there is no cure in the market.

Researchers are working together to find a long-lasting solution to this problem and this has seen collaborations between institutions, scientists, private as well as public sectors. Late last year, a team of researchers received a grant of $2.2 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This was a major boost to the parties involved since it gave them the platform and opportunity to find a cure.

Led by John Tavis, Ph.D., the scientists at the Saint Louis University (SLU) embarked on a journey that may bring the rising cases to an end. Other mentionable names in the team behind the possible cure include Marvin Meyers, Ph.D., medicinal chemistry director at SLU's Center, Medicine and World Health Ryan Murelli, Ph.D., City University of New York.

Tavis, a professor of immunology and molecular microbiology at Saint Louis University has been in this g field for 25 years and expressed positivism after the grant, and stated that together with his colleagues, they will build a warhead that will kick out the virus from existence.

Current treatments though not very effective cost a lot, require time and involve several stages hence scientists are looking to come up with more effective, affordable, and more permanent solutions. This will not only improve life but also reduce the burden and cost of medication.

One of the challenges of finding a cure has been lack of compatibility between academia facts and mode of treatments. However, this time round chances of finding a cure for the viral disease seam high because an interdisciplinary team exists to monitor and ensure the academia duties are adhered to.

Based on results gathered over the last 25 years and support from institutions such as NIH, Saint Louis University, SLU Cancer Center, Friends of the SLU Liver Center, and Institute of Translational and Clinical Sciences Washington University, Travis and his team believe the time of finding the right Hepatitis B Prophylaxis is now.

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