The Importance of the Right Underwear

By Leonard Butler
Updated 2024-04-02 10:20:22 | Published 2021-01-12 11:59:55
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The Importance of the Right Underwear

When it comes to women’s health, there is enough concern about breast cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and depression. Some health issues seem common to the female gender as compared to their male counterparts. Most of the above diseases are deadly and have been declared global disasters; their causes, preventive measures, and possible medications have been made known to the public. That said, there are still some of the hidden and vital health issues affecting most women of all ages.

Health is the most important aspect of life that is influenced not only by diseases, dietary habits, genetics and physical activities, but also by the way in which we interact with our adjacent environment. Our mode of dressing, especially when it comes to the inner wear, may have an impact on our general health. The choice of your underwear will not only determine how comfortable you will be while walking around but also if it sets you to some risks of vaginal infections.


Choosing underwear made of cotton is one step to avoiding infections in your delicate private parts. Cotton, unlike nylon or polyester materials, is breathable, and this allows for proper ventilation. Non-breathable underwear is very sweaty and can lead to yeast infections. Panties made of lycra or lace may be attractive but can simultaneously lead to bacterial infections.

Such type of female underwear as thongs can be trendy and stylish, but their health effects are far from friendly. According to a senior Gynecologist, Dr. Ghofrany Shieva from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, “The skimpy types of underwear can mess with your health depending on the propensity for infections”. Most thongs literally extend inside the butt crack and tend to slide there a bit; this may transfer the E. coli bacteria from the anus to the vagina.

Thongs can even worsen the situation if you’re already suffering from yeast or bacterial infections, vaginal irritation or UTIs. However, not all thongs are similarly bad for your health. A well-fitting one that is made of pure cotton can be a better choice.

Super tight underwear is another health hazard you should avoid by all means. The skin around the vagina is thinner and much more sensitive as compared to the rest of your skin. Super tight panties cause a certain amount of friction around the delicate region, and this may lead to mild irritation. If this continues, the irritation may get worse and promote other complications such as ingrown hair, for example. Tight underwear also causes heat and moisture build-up around the vagina, and this creates the ideal environment for the growth of bacteria.

As part of staying fit and healthy, you should always make sure your dressing code, at best, doesn’t affect your health while keeping you comfortable.

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