The Most Beneficial Supplements for Men

Men will usually go for supplements to build muscles and at times to boost brain power. But, it is not always easy to identify exactly what vitamins a man needs as there are many out there. Here is a short list of supplements that are essential for men’s overall health.

1. Choline

This is a supplement that improves memory, while also supports overall brain function and is even responsible for DNA repair. According to Stephen Zeisel, MD, PhD. UNC research institute director, a shortage of choline in the body is critical because it puts the liver at risk among other things. Liver cancer and liver damage can happen when there is serious deficiency of choline. A man supplementing with choline should pick a supplement that is slightly less than 100% of daily requirement.

2. Vitamin B12

This vitamin is essential in regulating the function of neurotransmitters and in the production of red blood cells. Even slight deficiency of B12 results in declining cognitive abilities with aging. Around 2.4 micrograms are the daily requirements of this vitamin.

3. Magnesium

This is considered to be brain food. Emily Tarleton, R.D. College of Medicine at University of Vermont, says magnesium enhances mood, relieves headaches and muscle cramping. About 400 to 420 milligrams are required of this nutrient per day.

4. Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin is crucial to a man’s health. It enhances mood and reduces the risks of certain cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s. This is according to Michael Holick, PhD. MD. at a University Medical Center Hospital in Boston. He opines that unless a man is usually out in the sun shirtless from 10 am to 3 pm, then he is probably short in the sunshine vitamin. The Endocrine Society recommends 1500 to 2000 IU per day of this vitamin. Unfortunatelly, natural sources do not provide that much vitamin D and that is why supplements might be necessary.

5. Vitamin K

This one is responsible for heart health. A man who wants to get enough vitamin K should consume a lot of salads. Human bodies absorb Vitamin K2 best, according to Cees Vermeer, PhD. of Maastricht University, Netherlands. This Vitamin K2 is what a man should supplement with to improve his health. At least 45 micrograms of the vitamin per day are sufficient.

6. Zinc

Zinc improves sperm quality, aids in wound healing and in fighting off some viruses. The body can store excessive zinc, according to David Kallilea PhD. Around 11mg of zinc per day are the sufficient supply. Zinc should be supplemented together with copper because high levels of zinc alone will result in copper deficiency.

P.S. Before taking any supplement, you are strongly recommended to consult with your doctor since some supplements can be useless and sometimes even harmful in your particular case.