What is Levitra?

Generic Levitra, which you can buy on the official website, is an exact copy of the famous brand medicine against erectile dysfunction. This safe and quality medicine helps every man to regain control over his body and intimate life. Here you can read important information about levitra.

The drug can be combined with fatty foods and alcoholic drinks. Distinction of the formulation of the medicine is Vardenafil. It is an active component of the drug. The tablets contain the maximum daily dose which equals 20 mg. The medicine also includes adjuvants to enhance its function, make the process of assimilation by the body most gentle and reduce the risk of adverse reactions to the intake.

The Levitra drug starts to act after twenty minutes. The medicine stimulates the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the inguinal blood vessels and normalizes the blood supply to the genitals allowing the cavernous bodies to be filled with blood. This action of generic Levitra contributes to the creation of the most favorable conditions for the onset of a natural erection while the drug itself does not necessarily cause it working only when the man is sexually aroused.

It is necessary to consult a doctor before using the medicine. It is unacceptable to use the drug in conjunction with nitrates, nitrogen oxides, HIV protease inhibitors, in the presence of anatomical deformation of the penis and Peyronie's disease. The medicine is contraindicated to men suffering from cancer, leukemia, degenerative pathologies of the retina, in violation of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and liver, with peptic ulcer, aortic stenosis, multiple myeloma. Levitra is not prescribed to men who have suffered a myocardial infarction or stroke less than six months ago. Possible side reactions of the medicine

The brand-name drug Levitra rarely provokes side effects.

The instructions and recommendations of the attending physician should be strictly followed to ensure the maximum effect without harm to health and discomfort when taking Levitra. In some cases the drug provokes swelling, rhinitis, facial redness, nausea, nosebleeds, headache, dyspepsia, increased muscle tone, syncopal state, dizziness. An anaphylactic reaction may occur in case of individual intolerance to the components and an overdose of the drug.

Generic Levitra:

  • To get the maximum effect of the drug, it is recommended to follow the instructions and take the medicine twenty minutes before intimacy.
  • The individual dosage of the drug is calculated by the attending physician accordingly. It depends on the patient’s condition, his anatomical and physical characteristics (the maximum dose in one tablet is 20 mg).
  • Regardless of the dosage, it is strictly forbidden to take the drug more than once a day, as well as independently increase the dose ignoring the recommendations of the doctor.

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