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Forzest is one of the best drugs in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient is Tadalafil, which improves the quality of erection and ensures its stability for a long time. Due to this effect, the penis remains in a strained state longer. Thus, Tadalafil has an effect on two processes occurring during intimacy in a man's body: the occurrence of erection and its stability.
Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
Dosage Form: Tablet
Dosage: 2.5 mg Tablet; 5 mg Tablet; 10 mg Tablet; 20 mg Tablet;
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General information

Modern pharmacology has developed and created many different drugs aimed at solving the problems associated with erectile dysfunction. In order to choose the right way of treatment, especially in such delicate issues like this one, this problem has always required high responsibility in its solution. One of the best drugs in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is Forzest. The amazing tablets of the new generation work much faster than the usual typical drugs of this type. These tablets passed all the necessary tests and are approved by the World Health Organization.

The active substances of the product are operating for 36 hours from the time the pill is taken. That is why doctors do not recommend taking it again. According to studies, the drug half-life in the normal state of the male body passes for 16-18 hours, and the products generated after it are excreted in the form of normal urine and feces (approximate ratio of 35% to 65%).

That is one of the latest developments for potency disorders treatment in males. The active ingredient is Tadalafil. In the modern world it is a fairly common disorder which is faced not only by men of mature age but also by very young ones. Fortunately, drugs of this purpose can easily cope with this problem.

When treating with Forzest, please strictly follow the instructions and recommendations of the attending physician. The physician will adjust the dosage based on the individual reactions and other possible medications you take.

Tadalafil is aimed at muscles relax and blood circulation improvement in various parts of the organism.

This medication has many advantages compared with similar preparations of the same type. For example, its effectiveness is not reduced when taking fatty foods, and it can be taken regardless of the meal; it has far fewer side effects comparing to Viagra; in addition, it does not require a clear temporary planning of sex; and is also effective for males regardless of age or problem duration;


These pills are forbidden to be administered by underage men as well as it is not designed to be used by women. The drug must never be taken in cases as follows:

  • The application of other similar medications;
  • Simultaneous intake of nitrates, in case of diagnosed heart or other diseases;
  • When the patient does not tolerate Tadalafil or other elements of the remedy;
  • With diagnosed heart, blood vessels diseases as well as problems of the circulatory system;
  • Hepatic or renal failure;
  • Hypertension or hypotension and arrhythmias;
  • If the patient has suffered a heart attack or cerebrovascular incident within the period of six months prior admission;
  • Myeloma or some other malignant neoplasms;
  • Lack of lactase


The remedy is designed for internal oral intake. The drug dose depends on the sexual activity frequency. If the patient has an active sex life (sex for more than two times a week): the medication has to be used no more than 1 time per day in the dose of 5 mg. In accordance with the individual experience of using the pharmaceutical product, the rate may be reduced to 2.5 mg / day. Males who have sex less than two times a week are prescribed 20 mg Tadalafil. Pills should be administered immediately before sexual intercourse, as prescribed in the instructions. Taking Forzest more than once a day and in the amount of more than 20 mg is absolutely restricted under any circumstances.

How to take?

Middle-aged men are advised to take the drug in the amount of 1 tablet 15 to 20 minutes before sexual intercourse. This will provide a lasting erection for a long time, up to 36 hours, which gives a great advantage to this remedy. During all this time, you can repeatedly have sexual intercourse while not worrying about the process at all; the erection will be persistent and prolonged.

The maximum amount per day is one tablet; you should not exceed this dosage. There are drugs which need to be washed down with water, but there are some versions of Forzest which are enough just to keep them in the mouth until completely dissolved.


There are some serious adverse reactions which include:

  • trouble breathing
  • facial, lips, tongue and throat oedema
  • when dizziness happens or you feel sick during having sexual intercourse
  • stethalgia or obdormition
  • pins and needles in the neck or jaw

The above adverse reactions are extremely rare, and in case you follow every tips and recommendations that were given to you regarding the drug, then you are unlikely to experience any of those adverse reactions.

However, there are some typical adverse effects that can seriously affect you in case you do not inform your physician about them. Among them are:

  • Mild chest pain
  • The presence of any attack
  • Sudden changes in hearing or vision
  • Fainting
  • Having an erection (priapism) longer than 4 hours

If you have had faced any of the above adverse reactions, you have to terminate using the drug immediately. While taking Forzest, you may feel some less painful side effects, which are more common and can only mean that you need to change the dosage of the drug rather than stop taking it.


To avoid an overdose, you should understand how many tablets can be used. Overdose may occur even after a single drug in a dose exceeding 500 mg by a healthy man, or with serial treatment and taking Tadalafil many times over 100 mg / day. When exceeding doses the same negative effects occur as when using its permissible amount. The typical symptoms are: headaches and heart pain, drops in blood pressure, skin rashes and swelling of the face. In the event of an overdose, standard symptomatic treatment should be performed. It is essential to take note that Tadalafil is almost impossible to withdraw during hemodialysis.


Given the characteristics of the metabolism of the drug Forzest, taking into account that the drug undergoes hepatic biotransformation involving the microsomal CYP3A4 enzyme, it is obvious that inhibitors of this enzyme can enhance the effect of Tadalafil.

Examples of such drugs:

  • antifungal drugs Ketoconazole (synonyms – Fungavis, Nizoral, Mycozoral) and Itraconazole (Miconichol, Orungal, Itrazol, Technazol, Kanditral, Irunin, Rumikoz);
  • antiviral drug for the treatment of HIV infection Ritonavir (Norvir, Kaletra);
  • antibiotic Erythromycin (Zenerit).

This list can also include grapefruit juice, which also increases the duration of Tadalafil action. Taking into account the information accumulated so far about the results of interaction of Tadalafil with CYP3A4 inhibitors, we can limit the permissible Forzest single dosage to be taken with such drugs: 10 mg, and no more than 1 time within 72 hours.

Alcohol interaction

Forzest and alcohol are compatible things. At the same time it has to be mentioned that when using the remedy is not recommended to drink alcohol, especially in large quantities. Too much alcohol can enhance the effects of side effects, including: rapid heartbeat, headaches and dizziness. Since this medication and alcoholic beverages act in a similar way (they cause the blood vessels dilation), you are not recommended to combine them, since it can result in hypotension, sometimes by 20% or more. If the patient is going to combine these two substances often then it is worth consulting with a doctor. But in general, the intake of alcohol in small doses, together with Forzest, should not cause complications. However, it is not worth the risk.

It has to be remembered that in case of too much alcohol intake along with the described remedy, the risk of orthostatic (postural) hypotension increases, i.e. a sharp decrease of blood pressure when you change your position in space, which is complemented by headache, dizziness, increased heart rate.


Sam: With this drug, I feel like a young, I have good, strong erection; the action of the drug starts quickly.

Ron: The drug is really working. I have checked it several times, so I order it regularly.

Todd: A familiar urologist, who knows my problems, recommended ordering the Forzest indicating the dosage and emphasizing that it also has a healing effect. I did everything and the result was perfect!

Anthony: Yes, everything goes to the fact that soon all of us will have to use these drugs in order to have intimate intimacy. It is good that there are these drugs and they can be easily purchased. But I think that before using the drug, you still need to consult a doctor? Indeed, through stressful situations, many in our time at an early age become impotent.

Urologist: A good and really effective drug. It is noteworthy that even with long-term administration, resistance to the drug does not develop, it remains as effective. People often ask me whether it is possible to take it with alcohol, I answer: it is not desirable, however, in small quantities, weak alcoholic beverages are acceptable if you do not have problems with blood pressure.

Urologist: In my practice I have been using Forzest for the erectile disorders treatment for a long time. I advise this medication to men who have already tried other pills and are disappointed in them: a high concentration of the active substance and a long-lasting effect will help to cope even with severe violations of potency. I can recommend this medication with one limitation: before taking it, it is important to undergo at least a minimal medical examination, pass an ECG, and make sure that the blood pressure is normal.

Sexologist: When men who want to bring harmony back into their sexual relationships come to me, I advise only effective drugs. One of them is Forzest. It has such advantages as speed and expediency. A small pill can work wonders. Almost all of my patients who have tried the medicine have reported on its effectiveness. In my practice there were only a few exceptions that were associated with psychological problems. I want to emphasize that this pill will work only under the condition of deliverance from bondage and preliminary sexual arousal. A penis without these conditions will not work, and you may encounter an intractable difficulty. Use a pill before sex and relax properly. Women especially welcome the use of the drug by their companions and share the details of a pleasant experience. There is one contraindication that is rarely paid attention to: this drug can be dangerous if a man has pronounced deformity of the penis. Other contraindications should also be considered when starting treatment with this remedy.

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