How effective are birth control pills?

Birth control pills containing hormones are considered as an effective protection against unwanted pregnancy. However, their effectiveness depends, to a great extent, on a user’s behavior. Although the effectiveness of the majority of birth control pills is declared as nearly 100 percent, many women get to know that they are pregnant after taking them.

It is known that birth control pills, in addition to their main action, protect from different gynecological diseases, for example, they reduce the chances of breast and ovarian cancer, breast fibrosis because progesterone and estrogen levels are regulated. Besides, the menstrual cycle is normalized and menstrual periods become less painful. However, any contraceptives, even the best, can not guarantee the total protection against venereal diseases.

Some women, taking contraceptives, may suddenly realize that they are expecting a baby and cannot understand why these seemingly effective birth control pills turned out to be useless for them. There are some sustainable reasons why the medicines we are speaking about do not give the desired result, and all women who take them should know how to take these pills properly.

To start with, contraception pills must be taken regularly and constantly. If they are taken irregularly, from time from time, then such an irresponsible attitude is in most cases the cause of an unplanned pregnancy, because the pills do not remain in the body for a long time. It is important to notice that even if a woman forgot to drink just one tablet, the chance of getting pregnant increases greatly.
A woman who wants to control her chances of becoming pregnant should definitely take birth control pills on a regular basis, correctly and consistently.

Another, quite common reason why the tablets in question are ineffective is the admission of antibiotics. Not all, however, antibiotics reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, but such as amoxicillin and some others (you should check with your gynecologist for the whole list) have a negative effect. In general, if you have to take any medications, it is better to consult with your doctor about their compatibility with birth control pills.

If the contraceptives are kept in the hot or the cold place, their effectiveness will decrease significantly. It is necessary to store them, as well as all other medical products, in a cool place, protected from the direct sun.

Many people prefer to use herbal medicine for the treatment of respiratory diseases or influenza. However, some herbs can significantly lessen the effectiveness of hormonal pills. Therefore, before drinking herbal infusions, you should consult with your doctor.

Birth control pills may not help if vomiting happens or diarrhea begins. If vomiting was within half an hour after taking birth control pills, then this should be taken as a pass for taking the drug.

Published at 12/20/2018

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