How to get rid of anxiety?

Most often an anxious person becomes irritable, excited, unfocused, suffers from insomnia and quickly gets tired. This kind of state can turn into neurosis very quickly. To get rid of suspiciousness and uneasiness, it's important to understand one thing: the cause of all our worries and alarms is the fear of the future which is felt by all people, without exception, even the most fearless. The difference is only in extent of worries and in the attitude towards uneasiness. It's important to remember that an enhanced uneasiness can develop with ease into panic attacks. Therefore if you are anxious and feel dizziness, shortness of breath, impaired judgment, shiver, desudation, tachycardia, pain or chest compression, then it's better to consult an expert.

The most important thing is to try to get rid of uneasiness about what has already occurred or, perhaps, will occur. Each of us has masses of actual problems and affairs therefore it's better to solve them. Following measures will help you to remove an alarm attack:

1. Try to understand how real is the anxiety tormenting you. To overcome your anxiety, answer several simple questions:

  • whether what I am afraid of is really so important for me;
  • what consequences can entail the event disturbing me;
  • what will I do if something different happens.

The answers given by you on these questions will help you to distinguish the basic from minor and to estimate the real degree of risk.

2. Start working out or just doing morning exercises demanding some physical efforts, it will release nervous energy. You can go to a gym or work with exercise machines.

3. Be engaged in any quietest occupation. This occupation helps you to calm down.

4. It's possible to remove nervousness and to lift the spirits by pressing with the thumb on a functional point located on the hand back. This is where the big and index fingers meet. To overcome anxiety make this massage three times during ten-fifteen seconds. But never do this exercise at pregnancy.

5. Use aromatherapy to get rid of internal uneasiness. If you feel tension, also in your body, massage your shoulders with aromatic oils, add them to an inhaler or to a bath. To make massage oil take 2 teaspoons of vegetable cool extracted oil (olive or almond) and add 2 drops of lavender, geranial and santalaceous oil and 1 drop of sweet basil. Don't do it at pregnancy. Drip a quantity of lavender or geranaceous oil in bath water. It's possible to drip it in a bowl with hot water and to do inhalation for five minutes.

6. Visit a doctor if you have very strong feeling of fear or anxiety when these feelings develop into a depression. If you have insomnia or dizzinesses, then better consult a medical expert. He will advise you exact methods how to overcome anxiety according to your health condition.

Published at 08/09/2018

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