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This is not the first 24h-meds.com review in which we are disclosing some additional details about this online pharmacy. This 24h-meds.com review is also intended to reveal more details about this pharmacy operation. For example, this pharmacy many years ago existed just like a regular one. Management of the company, in order to meet modern market trend requirements, decided to open a virtual drugstore.


We used to mention in one of the recent 24h-meds.com reviews that since the day of its establishment this online pharmacy has never missed deadlines for license prolongation. It strictly follows legislation in terms of over the counter medicaments trade. In order to verify whether the license of this online pharmacy is valid, you need to click on a marked link and you will get to the page where you will find all the related data.


The medicaments range is rather wide here. It includes remedies used in treatment of fever, influenza, diabetes, eye diseases, gastrointestinal problems and many others. At the same it ought to be said that there is poor choice of such items like body care, child care products or eye lens.

Price list

Price list corresponds to average market prices. Pricing policy is aimed mainly at population with average income. Sometimes the company implements “special” prices for a certain range of pharmaceutical products.

Customer Support

Customer support department operates 24/7 and specialists there can be reached either by a chat box or by skype. Pharmacists working at the customer support department are highly qualified and educated. The information they provide to the customers is always verified and true.


The company has its own approved 24h-meds.com discount program which allows the regular buyers to pay 15% less for their orders. For a single buyer there are also some bonuses are fixed in this 24h-meds.com discount program allowing them to pay 5% less for their purchase.
Additionally there exist so called 24h-meds.com coupon system which covers both regular and single customers. Under this 24h-meds.com coupon system they can get cumulative rebate in the range of 4-8%, which can be utilized in the next order payment.


We recommend this online pharmacy to those customers who are interested in pharmaceutical products rather than in body care products.

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