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Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


Our readers could have seen several reviews, where we mentioned history of the site creation. In this review we will just remind that the company exists for five years and during this period did a great progress in its services development. The company operates only in the country of its residence.


The company operates under duly executed license, which has already been described in several pervious reviews. However, what we would like to mention in the current review is that the company has got another license for transportation activity using own trucks.


The site presents drugs of almost all categories. Each of the categories has description as well as each of medications. The user can always find brief information about side effects or interaction with other medicines.

Price list

Prices for drugs of local production are really competitive comparing to ordinary apothecaries. Nevertheless the same can’t be said about imported drugs. Prices for some of them can be higher than on other sites.

Customer Support

Customer support service operates six days a week. Sunday is day off. Customer support agent could be reached either by Chat-box or by phone. Specialists respond not as quickly as expected and it seems that they are lack of training.


According to the site information the company implements discount program. Based on the rules of this discount policy every second purchase equaling to 70 USD allows the buyer to get a discount in the amount of 15% for the third one.
At the same time the company participates in different promotional events for which it issues so called coupon with guarantee 5% price rebate for any product on the site. Usually this coupon is valid within one month.


We can say that the company is oriented on local customers and tries to meet demands of each of them. The company possesses own vehicle fleet and own logistics department responsible to goods delivery. Usually delivery to the farthest destination within the country takes maximum three days.

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  1. This pharmacy values the needs of customers. I’ve been buying medicines from here for almost 3 years. Not once did I had to hear the statement “Sorry the medicine is unavailable”


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