The absence of a business profile page on raises concerns about its reliability. The lack of clear ownership information can lead to doubts about the authenticity of the medications available for purchase.

History, a Canadian-based online pharmacy, offers a broad array of prescription and over-the-counter medications at competitive prices. Their user-friendly website simplifies the process of ordering medications online. Whether you need common remedies or specialized treatments, this platform claims to have it all. But is it a worthwhile choice? This comprehensive review of will provide the answers.


A critical aspect of evaluating an online pharmacy's legitimacy is examining its domain information. In the case of, some concerning factors emerge. This domain was registered relatively recently on June 6, 2016, and its last update occurred on July 1, 2022.

Additionally, the domain is registered with NICENIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO. LIMITED, an unfamiliar entity that doesn't instill confidence in the quality of products and services, deviating from the norm for reputable online pharmacies.

For these reasons, it's advisable to exercise caution and explore more reputable online pharmacies to safeguard your health, as the website owner's contact information remains elusive.


The pharmacy boasts an extensive inventory of generic and brand-name medications at competitive prices. Customers can access a wide range of prescription drugs, including treatments for common ailments and specialized conditions. However, a notable concern is the sale of birth control pills and men's health medications without a prescription requirement, a practice that should be closely supervised by a healthcare professional. Reports of subpar medication quality have also surfaced among customers.

Price List lacks a business profile page, a potential indication of unreliability. The absence of a clear owner raises concerns about the potential purchase of counterfeit medications.

Furthermore, this online pharmacy lacks accreditation from independent pharmacy organizations, a significant drawback considering that accredited online pharmacies adhere to rigorous quality and safety standards.

Drug Name Price
Silagra From $0.15
Suhagra From $0.1
Nizagara From $0.2
Kamagra From $0.4
Tadacip From $0.66

Customer Support accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, eChecks, and PayPal. Shipping fees are subject to market fluctuations and location, with international shipping available for customers in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. It's important to note that some banks may impose additional fees for international payments.

The website claims to offer robust customer support, including assistance with delayed or lost orders and tracking information. However, some customers have reported difficulties in receiving responses after reaching out to the website.


Unfortunately, we could not locate independent customer reviews for, a crucial resource for assessing an online pharmacy's reputation. This absence of feedback raises concerns, as customer reviews are instrumental in gauging others' experiences with the platform.

Trustworthy sources indicate that is categorized as a rogue pharmacy involved in fraudulent activities. This information underscores the importance of avoiding this website at all costs, especially as Trustpilot displays no reviews, providing limited insight into its quality and service.


In conclusion, our investigation indicates that is not a dependable source for prescription medications. Lacking certification from independent pharmacy organizations, the website poses potential risks to customer safety.

Additionally, customers should be wary of potentially higher payment and shipping fees when compared to other online pharmacies. Our recommendation is to steer clear of and instead opt for a reputable source. We assign a one-star rating.

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