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Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend DrEd.com to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


Brief information about the site has been presented in some other dred.com reviews. But this information was enough to form an opinion about this source. Our users asked for some more dred.com reviews. So in this dred.com review we can only add that the company established three more offices in other countries and employed about 60 people.


In this dred.com review we can say that the site is licensed in accordance with local legislation. But it should be said that two years ago the company missed time for prolongation and had to pay penalty.


The drug list is quite good but still thrombolytics as well as antifungal agents of popular brands are missing. The site could be more attractive if there would be a possibility to find more generics of some mostly popular drugs. Anyway, all drugs on the site are approved by FDA. In front of each drug the buyer can see its active agent.

Price list

The prices for existing drugs are rather affordable and competitive comparing to other similar web-based shops. The price list is always updated and corresponds to reality.

Customer Support

As for Customer support service – it is really operates 24/7 including holidays. There is an international phone number, which can be used in case of necessity. But most often means of communication is a Live chat. The specialist is always there and does his best to support potential buyer.


The dred.com discount policy is not flexible enough. The manager of site mentioned that they are trying to develop an attractive dred.com discount policy and it will be implemented by the end of the current year.
At the same time it ought to be mentioned that the company launched a dred.com coupon system which is intended to attract as much as possible new buyers and subscribers. Any time the customer buys a promotional product, for example vitamins, he is granted a dred.com coupon with 15% discount for the next purchase.


So, basing on obvious attempt of the site to improve its activity we can say that it deserves to be visited and used for some purchasing. Of course, before spending time here you need to check whether they deliver to your place, as there are some countries where they do not deliver yet. Almost in every country from the shipment list they have an office, which helps to cut time for delivery.

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