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Health of women is a matter which always has to be closely supervised. The review is devoted to the company which is involved into issues concerning with women’s health. We have already described in our previous reviews that except pharmaceutical products trade, the site publishes articles on women’s health topics written by medical practitioners. Based on information placed on the site as well as to information published in one of our reviews the site has been launched in 2008 and has developed into company owing gynecology center.


The site operates within the frame of medication trade license issued every three years. Medical services are also licensed in accordance with legislation in power.


The site always updates drugs list as well information about all medicines sold on the site.

Price list

The prices on the site are average and at some points even competitive comparing to common apothecaries and other web-based shops. Moreover in some special cases the site can offer special price. In our next review we will tell our readers about those special cases and conditions.

Customer Support

Customer Support Center operates 24/7 and specialists providing such support are well trained, they are skilled and have special medical education. They are always at the desk and give full and clear answers to the questions.


The discount program covers two groups of the customers – they are patients of the gynecology center and all other customers. As you may assume the discount program gives better rebate to patients of gynecology center which equals to 20% rebate. All other customers are provided with 12% rebate. But at the same time there exist coupon system which is granted to all customers on equal conditions. This coupon usually grants 7% rebate.


In conclusion we can the site delivers medications to all parts of the country and maximum period takes 7 days including weekend. We will recommend this site also for the content, which contains a lot of useful data and articles.

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