In the forthcoming review we are going to continue telling you about this online pharmacy. As we have described in our previous reviews the company is focused on drugs generics produced mainly in India. At the same time, as we already mentioned in our last review, that except generics the apothecary trades brand-named medicines as well.


The company strictly observes local legislation in terms of timely and duly licensing. According to the local law, any pharmaceutical products trade can be performed only under the corresponding license, which is issued for a certain period. At the end of this period the company applies to the relevant authority in order to prolong or obtain a new one license.


This online pharmacy mainly trades generics of the well-known brands. Draw your attention to that those generics are of high quality and corresponds to international standards. The pharmacy trades some types of antibiotics, antiviral agents, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain-killers and many others.

The drug list is always updated and corresponds to the products available on stock. Practically all drugs description accompanied by picture of the drug box. If there is any medication is missing the customer can order it.

Price list

Prices in this online apothecary are rather competitive comparing to some other online drugstores as well as to regular pharmacies. We already mentioned in one of previous reviews that practically all buyers can find needed drug at the affordable price.

Customer Support

Customer support works 24/7, but not always as quickly as it wanted to be. At the same time it worthy to say that operators behind the desk are rather skillful specialists, who know the product they sell and able to provide a qualified recommendation.


The company always updates its discount program in accordance with which the customer can get different discounts. This discount program covers all registered customers. At the same time, there is an coupon system which covers not only registered customers but single-time buyers as well. The aim of this system is to attract regular customers.


This site is on the right way and deserves attention of the customers. The company delivers it products around the country in rather short period.

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