Maple Leaf Meds has been around for whooping 17 years since the day it was launched in 2002.


There are fairly few negative MapleLeafMeds reviews to speak of that have piled up during the years of its operating on the market, which always is a harbinger of good things. The first impression made by the pharmacy comes from a clean cut and rather generic webpage design, which is not necessarily a boring thing – it is functionality that makes a good webstore, and this is clearly the case at hand.


This site is a platform that links customers to a diversified number of licensed drugstores in Canada; it is certified by Pharmacy Checker and the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). Those two bodies are guarantors of high quality behind every medication available through the service, so it is hardly surprising that almost every MapleLeafMeds review points out efficacy and safety of items acquired through the site.


Since the company collaborates with an impressive number of pharmacies throughout the country, their product assortment is diverse to a fault. You can find drugs against allergies, viruses and bacterial infections, sexual disorders, heart problems, stomach diseases, dental issues and many more categories, including pet pharmaceuticals.

There are no lists here, which is a downside, but you can find the item you are looking for using a search tool. You will be prompted to choose between brand and generic categories as you go. Pet medications are all grouped under their own category.

Price list

The prices here come in two categories, quite intuitively corresponding to brand and generic medications. The price gap between an original pill and its generic equivalent is quite considerable, but still not what it should be in real world. Obviously, the “brand” versions are as generic as their less costly counterparts – in fancy clothes. As far as the general affordability goes, one could say that MapleLeafMeds falls on the lower side of the spectrum – without compromising on the quality, which is the pharmacy’s major advantage up to date. Here is what an average price grid here looks like:

Drug Name Price per pill
Nolvadex From $0.50
Cenforce From $0.82
Propecia From $0.4
Viagra From $1.1
Plavix From $1.76

Customer support

MapleLeafMeds reviews may feature complaints about delivery terms and times, the absence of free shipping for every order, and other such things, but they never say one bad word about the customer support here. The reps appear to be friendly and assistive. During the opening hours, one can reach them on the phone using the online voice chat feature, landline toll-free number, fax or via email.


It is always a pleasant experience to have a bit of your subtotal chopped away at. Maple Leaf Meds discount system offers rather scarce opportunities to do so. Seems like your only options are to order more – save more, proceeding from the lesser per-item price principle. Arguably, you can try and find a MapleLeafMeds coupon code for up to 10% and redeem it at the checkout. It is rather tricky to find a MapleLeafMeds coupon, but if one takes into account that the prices here are low by far, one can still view the pharmacy as a descent option for savings.


Up to date, this drugstore has been a part of fair pharmaceutical trade, and has the obvious benefits of great quality and low prices. The absence of free shipping deals is quite disappointing, but it is made up for by the general cost-efficacy.

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