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Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers based on positive customer feedbacks, confirmed quality of products, prompt delivery and satisfaction guarantee policy applied to all orders.


This review has been made upon requests of our readers. The site has started its activity in 2010 focusing on newborn care products. As we have mentioned in previous reviews the main partners at time were birth centers worldwide. These days they have switched for private individuals taking care of their own newborns. In our future reviews we will reveal you what exactly products could be bought from them by private individuals. In the future review we will explain why the company has changed legal entities for individual buyers.


On the say one can buy any products necessary for newborn care at home. For example, that could be different skin creams, including hypoallergenic, oils, skin milk, diapers, talcum and other products. All goods are delivered directly to the door and paid either by bank card along with the order or cash upon the carrier delivery.

Price list

Prices for all products on site are acceptable and considered to be at an average level in comparison with other on line stores trading similar goods.

Customer Support

Customer support departments work five days a week with off days on Saturday and Sunday. But we have to admit that during working hours they provide rather qualified assistance.


The site implements discount policy. Under this discount program all registered buyers are granted with rebate of 10% for every product.

Additionally the company utilizes such program as coupon. Every properly registered buyer is granted a coupon every two months proposing to buy a set of products at price of 15% lesser than usually. Usually this set consists of four items, which cannot be exchanged.


In our opinion this site is useful for local customers and it does not have prospects to develop deliveries abroad. But for local customers it works perfectly as the company has its branches around the country and deliveries performed within very short period – it is 1 and a half days. The site sends automatically generated message about delivered products.

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