Verdict:, appearing as a reliable option for cost-effective medications, has encountered accusations of fraudulent activity as per customer accounts. Certain customers assert that they have made payments for medications but received no products, underscoring the importance of diligent investigation before engaging in any transactions. The absence of company details and limited customer support availability raise significant concerns.

History, an online pharmacy, offers competitive pricing for prescription drugs and over-the-counter items. Committed to ethical principles and supervised by professionals, they aim to provide convenient and affordable healthcare solutions. Customers can trust the protection of their personal information and the timely delivery of undamaged products when ordering from Theusameds. However, let's conduct an unbiased review to determine its legitimacy.


With the domain name, Theusameds aspires to lead in online pharmaceutical solutions. Established in 2021, they've formed a trusted partnership with Rebel Ltd, emphasizing top-quality services and professional healthcare product assistance. Their recent domain update in 2022 enhances usability and transaction speed. Although the domain name is promising, further evaluation is needed to assess credibility.

Drugs, seemingly a legitimate source for affordable medications, has faced scam allegations based on customer reports. Some customers claim to have paid for medicine but received nothing, making thorough research essential before making any purchases. Lack of company information and customer support accessibility are concerning.

What is and what does it offer? is an online pharmacy that claims to offer a wide range of pharmaceutical products. They specialize in providing medications for various health conditions, including erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and other medical issues.

Is a legitimate and safe platform for purchasing medications?

The legitimacy and safety of as an online pharmacy are not fully established. Customers are advised to exercise caution, verify the site’s credentials, and check for regulatory compliance before making any purchases.

What types of medications are available at offers a variety of medications, including treatments for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and other health conditions. The pharmacy claims to provide these medications at competitive prices.

What are the payment and shipping policies of

Specific details about the payment and shipping policies of are not clearly provided. Customers should contact the site directly for information on accepted payment methods, shipping costs, delivery times, and return policies.

Price List

Theusameds offers a range of pharmaceutical products, including over-the-counter items, prescription medicines, and generic drugs for adults and children. They emphasize quality and ethical practice in product selection.

Drug Name Price
sildenafil silagra viagra From $0.15
suhagra 50mg From $0.1
nizagara online From $0.2
kamagra 100mg price From $0.4
cipla tadacip 20 From $0.66

Customer Support

Theusameds provides comprehensive customer service with a team of professionals ready to address customer questions or concerns. However, concerns about accessibility and reliability have been raised.


Specific details about discounts are not provided on the website, making it challenging to assess the accuracy of their advertised rates.


Theusameds, with limited online information and no customer reviews, raises concerns. Caution and thorough research are advised before making purchases, as reports of unsatisfactory service, counterfeit products, and missing shipments exist. The absence of regulatory approval further underscores potential risks. Customers should understand their rights and limitations when dealing with an unregistered webshop. Our rating for this pharmacy is 1 star.

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