How Much Does Sildenafil Cost at Walmart?

By James Smith
Updated 2024-04-01 10:12:45 | Published 2021-01-25 14:29:55
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Sildenafil pill

Sildenafil is an effective drug in treating erectile dysfunction. It is sold as Viagra, but it is also presented as an active ingredient in a range of generic versions of different ED medicines. Often men when encountering problems with erection start thinking of using medications, and the first question that they ask is what is suitable for them and where can they purchase a quality ED medication.

Viagra that contains sildenafil is the very first ED drug that has been used by men for years. Although there are lots of competitors on the market, Viagra is still the most recognized ED drug. There are lots of men who wonder if it is possible to purchase this medication from Walmart, how much will it cost them, and how can they save some money.

Walmart is a giant US American retail corporation that has stores and branches all over the world. It sells various goods as well as trusted medications. Viagra can be bought at one of the Walmart stores, but no delivery is available. You will need to have a prescription to show at Walmart store so that you can purchase this ED medication.

It is also important to note that the prices range depending on the area. However, the average price for Viagra 100mg at Walmart as of January 10th, 2018 was $756.34 per 10 tablets (75.63 per tablet). The price for the same medication at Walmart in 2012 was $691.11 ($69.11 per tablet). The price for same medication containing 50mg per tablet is the same as for 100mg. In order to check the availability of sildenafil ( such as cenforce 100, kamagra 100, suhagra 100, revatio 20 mg ) and the current prices at your local Walmart, you actually need to go there or call there. Make sure to have a valid prescription with you.

So, how can you save some money on purchasing sildenafil at Walmart?

First of all, you should check your medical insurance coverage to find out if the costs can be covered by it. Also, there is a range of trusted online pharmacies offering to print a discount coupon allowing saving up to 70%.

Another way to save some money is to cut a tablet if it is possible. As you have found out from the information above, the price for a tablet containing 100mg and a tablet with 50mg is the same. Viagra 50mg is the recommended dosage for most men, and if you are one of them, you can just purchase tablets of 100mg and cut them in half. Each of the halves will have 50mg of sildenafil. If you are prescribed a lower dosage of 25mg, you just need to cut a tablet of 100mg into quarters.

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