Verdict: is a very new e-commerce player launched as recently as August 2018, but it makes up in their fast-paced growth and evolving, as well as a track of positive customer feedback and trust.


We were mostly satisfied with the information we could find about the store when writing our Reliablerxpharmacy review – see below why.


There are not so many details on the licensing of the website, other than they are accredited for the activity they are engaging in found in reliable third-party Reliablerxpharmacy reviews and CIPA, Canadian International Pharmacy Association, licensing. The feedback of customers concerning the authenticity (efficacy / safety) of drugs speaks in favor of the store.


The drugs that you can find at this pharmacy originate in the U.S., Canada and India; there are offers on both brand-name drugs and generics, with almost every brand drug being available in its much cheaper non-developer version. Reliablerxpharmacy discount drugs are mostly generics though. There is a whooping 1 million drugs offered at the store.

As for the formulary diversity, the list of categories is pretty conventional – but in a good way. You can find drugs organized by category in an effortless and totally intuitive way. They really go out of their way offering a great choice of Men’s Health products, which is an important cluster of generics, since they provide customers on a budget with a possibility to get the so-called “lifestyle drugs”, which are not covered by the majority of insurance plans, significantly cheaper.

Price list

The prices for brand drugs are unexpectedly low, which is a dead giveaway of the fact that they are not authentic. The difference between the prices for generic and brand pills is minimal, between $1 and $4.

But just as the cost of the original pills seems too low and too good to be true, the price for generics here seems too high for the drugstore to be a good bet for savings. However, customers seem to be very satisfied with the quality of drugs ordered here, so it is not all for nothing. Here is a feel for what it is like:

Drug Name Price per pill
Cialis Black From $1.53
Zenegra From $0.65
Fildena From $0.68
Celebrex From $0.72
Nolvadex From $1.59

Customer support

According to the majority of Reliablerxpharmacy reviews, the customer support here is very efficient. They can be reached via email form available on the site, LiveChat feature or on the phone. You can also track your order or ask for help doing that. They usually reply within 1-2 days to emails, and phone / chat options are a guarantee of instant solutions.


If you are lucky to find a Reliablerxpharmacy coupon code, you will get 10% off any purchase without further ado. But those are very hard to come by, so your safest bet in case you want a Reliablerxpharmacy discount is to meet the requirements to qualify for their special offers. There is a refer-a-friend program, participating in which will earn you $35 added to your account credit.


Reliablerxpharmacy is a very new drugstore whose major benefits are reliability, efficiency, simplicity of use and the speed of delivery. One of the major downsides of this pharmacy is that they have no discount system to speak of, and Reliablerxpharmacy coupon is more of a city legend than a palpable reality. This is not the best place for pharmacy shopping savings, but a reliable supplier of good quality pills.

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  1. I never found any payment issues with and the quality of medicines I found motorless similar the one I find to my chemist. From my side, it’s a thumbs up for Reliablerx until my payments are secure, and quality of the medication is good.

  2. Reliablerxpharmacy is a trustworthy distributor of generic drugs. They forward to serve their customers with their best services which include the fastest delivery system.


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