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Published at 12.01.2021 20:41
Why do some people get fat and others do not? That is a difficult question with complicated answers. Of all the risk factors most people would mention in response to this question, sleep is usually overlooked, mostly because it is overshadowed by more prominent factors like exercise and eating habits. (more…)
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Published at 12.01.2021 20:32
The heart is one of the busiest organs in the body. Pumping liters of blood non-stop during one’s entire live, any damage to its physical condition tends to be fatal. Myocardial infarctions are common and come in varying levels of severity. At their worst, they cause irreversible damage to the heart’s tissue, jeopardizing the whole organ. Currently, there is no way to restore lost heart function
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Published at 12.01.2021 20:27
Antibiotics, also referred to as antimicrobial drugs, are used to fight infections caused by bacteria. The discovery of Penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1927 greatly transformed medical care as it reduced illness and death rate from bacteria that cause dangerous infections. Ever since, antibiotics have been used extensively for medical and agricultural uses, which has resulted in the
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Published at 12.01.2021 20:22
Close to 70% of the adult population in the USA is overweight, and about 38% of adults are obese. The global statistics is also very alarming because studies indicate that close to 1.4 billion adults across the globe are overweight. Unhealthy eating habits and inactive lifestyles are the main causes of overweight and obesity. But what most people do not know is that some of the prescription drugs
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Published at 12.01.2021 18:00
30 percent of all men suffer from some form of sex disorder at some point in their life, and premature ejaculation is one of the most common of these sex disorders. A study by Mayo Clinic also shows that more than 50 million men in America cannot have sex for more than two minutes without ejaculating. It is a serious problem that might not affect your health, but the effects it has on one’s sex
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Published at 12.01.2021 17:56
Testosterone is a sex hormone that is produced naturally in the bodies of humans. However, men have a much higher level of this hormone than women. Testosterone is what makes men feel like men (physically). During a male child’s development, it is this hormone that helps his sex organs to form. During puberty, the same hormone plays a vital role in the physical development of boys into men. It is
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Published at 12.01.2021 17:52
What causes low libido in men? A lot of males would love to get a simple and straight answer to that question. In fact, according to the urologist Gareth Reid, this question is more important today than it has ever been because men tend to ignore their libido issues or feel ashamed to go to the doctor with this delicate problem. (more…)
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Published at 12.01.2021 17:43
Engaging in one or more physical activities of our choice is something that has many health benefits, both mental and physical. This fact is well known to every single one of us. On the contrary, wasting opportunities to exercise can have some very serious consequences to our overall health. In this article we are going to analyze one of them, the appearance of polyps. (more…)
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Published at 12.01.2021 17:38
Millions of men all over the world suffer silently from impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). Those over the age of fifty years are especially susceptible to the condition. It is characterized by a man’s inability to attain and retain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. This consequently has an effect on relationships as some female partners often walk away due to sexual
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