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Now we are going to present review. It is about the site which we have already presented earlier. In other reviews we have mentioned that the site initially was focused on trade biologically active additives. In this review we would like to mention that the company is launching another direction of their activity, which is plant-based preparations trade.


As it was discussed in previous reviews the company takes care of its image that is why all activities of the site are licensed.


We have already mentioned that the site trades biologically active additives as well as homeopathic medicines of well-known manufacturers. Now they are about to conclude a contract with one of the leading producers of plant-based preparations in Germany.

Price list

There are two columns in the price list presenting tariffs for individual buyers and registered distributors. Registered distributors have special prices because they participate in promotion of both the site and the medication.

Customer Support

It ought to be said that there are two types of consultants on the site dealing with individual buyers and dealers correspondingly. You just need to choose the corresponding chat box and ask your question. The Customer support center works 24/7.


There is a very attractive discount policy. When you make your first purchase you are assigned an ID number and automatically registered in their database. Since that moment the discount policy starts working for you. It means that you have a list ten purchases. As soon as you reach fifth purchase you are granted with 10%discount. As soon as you reach tenth purchase you are granted with 25% discount. This system works only for individual buyers.


This site could be attractive for single purchases as well. Every three months the site issues coupon which gives the 20% rebate for one piece of any product. It out to be said that coupon system allows to accumulate coupons during a year and then at the end of period get a total rebate in the amount of 40%.

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