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We have already told a lot about this international pharmacy service in our previous reviews. However, in today’s review we tried to collect the facts that were not mentioned before. To start with, we had an interview with the site owners and got to know that it was established in UK at the onset of online trade. In 2000s they opened several branches on various continents with major stocks in UK and US, and today it is one of the world’s best online apothecaries selling generic drugs to its customers in different countries.


We told in reviews before, where to find all necessary documentation concerning licensing and certification of this pharmacy service.


The apothecary provides drugs for Men’s and Women’s health, analgesics, muscle relaxants, antibiotics, antihistamine medications, etc. Please note that all drugs presented on the site are generics. The apothecary also sells drugs in trial packs.

Price list

According to another review, the prices in this pharmacy are expensive compared with other online services. However, we made a comparative analysis with more than 30 apothecaries, and found out that the prices are reasonable here, if taking into account coupon worth 10 USD offered to each online customer at the time of purchase to the sum exceeding 50 USD.

Customer Support

Customer support receives messages and calls from customers 24/7. It process an average of 500 messages and calls per day. All call-center specialists have medical education.


The apothecary provides its customers favorable purchase terms, among which are coupon worth 10 USD for each purchase exceeding 50 USD, and discount on credit card and e-check payment. There is a 20% discount for returning customers. Besides, the site offers F.O.C. delivery on orders above 100 USD (ordinary delivery) and 250 USD (express delivery).


The site sells only generic drugs manufactured by licensed pharmaceutical companies and has all permissive documentation. The customers valued its customers’ support and favorable discount system.

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